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We designed our Alberta Dames stencil line because we love detail and we wanted something that looked beautiful but you didn’t need to be an artist to create it!! We created 4 different Faux Tin Tile stencils because we love the look of tin tiles but they are hard to find and they aren’t always in great shape.
This stencil works great with chalk style paints, but you don’t have to limit yourself. Any paint will do!

We LOVE using the stencils on t-shirt, pillows, to frame out drawers, wood signs, or doors on any cabinet. You can tape off a portions of the designs to create a whole new look… the possibilities are endless!

Reusable and easy to clean using just water( depending on your paint).
The stencils are made with 10 mil mylar so they are easy to use with just paint and durable enough for plaster use (for a raised effect).