Deer Skull Stencil


We created this stencil line for ease and multi-use. Not only can you use each stencil for its intended look, but you can also tape off a portion and use it alone as a skull, or then add the antlers for a different style skull or add the flowers to the skull for again a different style. You can also just use the antlers alone or with the flowers. The possibilities are endless!

This Dames Deer Skull Stencil is a decorative stencil used to bring some character to your piece.
You can use it on furniture, pillows or canvas, really the sky is the limit.

This Dames Deer Skull stencil measures 12″ x 14″ complete size, actual design is 11” X 10″ but when it is all together on your piece the antlers and skull measure 14″ tall.

This is made out of a 7mil mylar and durable enough for plaster use (we have tested it!).
This stencil works great with chalk style paints, but you don’t have to limit yourself. Any paint will do!

We LOVE using this Dames Deer Skull on pillows AND through plaster to fancy up some signs. We also love to interchange our stencils and we used the Dames Damask stencil in place as a skull.

*Due to the high detail of these designs PLEASE use with a gentle touch*

Reusable and easy to clean using just water.

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